Sunday, 22 October 2006

Sarikin's flea market

Last time we went there was on 30th April 2006, I bought a cheap shoe on that day. Proved to be useful, think I might be bringing the family there again next month.

Here's roughly how the border town look like, mostly selling thrinkets, junks etc. Best buys would be the batik sarong, cos' the Indons are supposely to be expert in that industry. Other than that just get the sackloads of tidbits eg banana chips, tapioca chips good for sourvenir back in town, unless you prefer turtle eggs, plenty of that contraband here.

A Blog is born !!

Precisely at 16:00 hours Sarawak times on the auspicious day of 22 October 2006, I hereby created this blog !

Been long overdue, but better late than never. This blog is for me to records my thoughs .... incase I might need them later.

So, what did I do today -

Morning - Attend Church service at St Paul, Siol Kandis. Met Lipin Not and handed over RM60.00 to him for the plot of land where they buried Apak last Sunday. Talk about that later, few issues there.

The rest of the afternoon I spend infront of my PC, struggling with my overdue Math assignment, so far so good, but if Joyce help me tomorrow as promised, then I can concentrate on my Econs.

This evening, got to buy Satay for my belated birthday, and hopefully after that will be in Old Trafford (via cyberspace) to cheer up Gerrard and his red team trying their best to beat MU. Slim chance though, but you never know.