Saturday, 18 November 2006

Meeting in KL

The day begin on 15th waking up early for as usual but today is Shidot last day in School for the year. The I got to rush to KL, attend few meetings the next day and back again to Kuching.

05:30 – Woke up, bathroom, dressed up, cup of coffee and the day begins.

05:50 – Left house with Shidot, normal jam at Matang road.

06.15 - Breakfast with Shidot at Padungan.

06.50 – Drop the kid at school and rush back to office, clear outstanding, check the mails and read some, answer some, delete some. Make few calls, print some data, collect few reports, prepare files for tomorrow and that’s it.

11.00 – Go to Borneo Post’s office at Pending, submit the Aknowledgement Insert, that’s RM370, well, what need to be done will be done.

12.50 – Fetch kid at St Mary’s, went home, munch some lunch, pack minimum cloth; one shirt, one singlet, one T-shirt, extra pair of socks, undies and a hanky, toiletries .. that’s it, should be enough (strain of Cliff Richard’s “Travelling Light” in the air). And all these lucky items will be squeezed into my Acer Travel mate’s suitcase to keep my laptop company during the flight.

14.00 – On my way to Kuching Airport, sent by wifey.
- check in at the no luggage counter, have a quick smoke at the narcotine room, few stewardess were there too sucking the .. er their cigarettes of course. Met Saed Hassan, fellow TM just came back from KL.

16.06 – Takeoff and 100 minutes later I popped up in KLIA, I survived the inflight servings. Compulsory stop at the store and pick up a deodorizer (forgot to bring), Salem, few buns, a carton of milk, mineral water and a maggie mee in the cup, my survival instinct telling me to be prepared just in case of emergency, never know what can happen.

18.10 – Use a coach to go downtown KL since it’s still early, met Josiat Sadit, ex-Kolejian, now with a bank.

19.45 – Reached KL Central, the trip took longer than one hour due to rain and jam. Hopped into the waiting MPV (wow.. a Mercedes), only one other passenger apart from me, a non talking Mat Salleh who jumped out at Westin.

20.15 – Reached my Hotel, Bintang Warisan @ Bukit Bintang, was assigned to Room 212, an upgrade said the Bellboy. But that three-bed room has no Astro and no coffee making thingy. The beds and the bathroom are ok.

21.00 – Went out for dinner, chose an empty restaurant nearby, ordered yong tau foo with rice, strange choice, the Chinalady cook asked me whether we Sarawakians use the same Ringit and MyCard as them Malaysians. I almost choked on my reply and almost said no. Before I left 3 more customers came in, a local Chinese and 2 Africans, most probably Nigerians. A con job planning is about to begin, A discussion on investment is about to start.

Back to the Hotel I managed to catch one movie at Vison 4, a Bruce Willis movie supported by unknown casts. After that I take out my laptop, played a bunch of MP3, this time I clicked Bad Company and CCR.

16th Nov 2006

Waking up at 6.30am to start my day. After dishing out my AMBank card at the counter I had my free “American” breakfast before hailing up a taxi to Menara TM. So far so good.

And the meeting was ok, actually had three meetings. The first meeting was Performance Review meeting followed by ISO meeting. After a break we proceed for a Manpower planning meeting at the next building. And there were still time for a ramah tamah.

At 5.15pm I was on the LRT to KL Central, and a lot of spare time as the next coach leave at 6.30pm for KLIA. I reached Airport at 7.40pm, checked in, buy some breads, muffins, assorted buns, otak otak before going to the smoking lounge. Left KLIA at 20.50 and reached Kuching at 10:30pm, reached home just before midnight.

The trip was quite hectic and there a lot of follow ups to be done.

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

The Nation 03/06

The Mongolian Model Affair
This missing model Altantunya is not the only Mongolian Altantuya in the modeling circuit. Currently another Altatunya known as Toya is busy modeling in the fashion capital of Paris. A self proclaimed ex-Mongolian model now running a successful modeling agency in Ulanbatar said that she never heard of the former.

Perak SMS
The woman who started the “Baptism” SMS was named. She was a former graduate of UIA and attended the world renown Islamic University in Cairo. Used to be a Christian she is given 48 hours to surface or else her face will be published in all local papers.

It will be peace and quite now that then Doctor is not well and will be missing the UMNO ‘s General Assembly.

Idaman’s Palace
Not to be outdone, it has been announced that the new Astana Negara will be built, costing only RM400 millions it will be completed in 2009.

Upskirt up North
Pressure on the Council Chairman, alleged sexy journalist released picture of herself in papers showing a plain young girl wearing a plain dress. Opposition parties, NGOs are all behind her, there’s even short picket.

Monday, 13 November 2006

The Nation 02/06

The Mongolian Model Affair
No arrest yet just remands. To me the Mongolian Honorary Consul that Datuk Chinggis Khan is merely doing his job when he sound so defensive regarding the missing mongolian miss. But currently he is no more dishing out the meaty info, maybe somebody asked him to zip up the flytrap.

The Perak SMS
This time it's the Perlis's CM who made the announcement that Datuk Azhar is still a muslim.

As usual the wily old man found a way to solve the Nation's dilemma, be sick and so no need to attend the UMNO's General Assembly. What a relieve, many people sleep better these few nights.

Idaman's Palace
Another one of these Klang's councillors with big newly constructed mansions hit the headlines, this time striking one of the reporters/photographers thus ensuring that the readers get introduced to another MPK councillors. I'll get the name later.

Not to be outdone the Penang Municipal Council finally succeded in getting their procedings be mentioned in the press. As the attention shift Northward, it was later revealed that the Council's admiration with the jounalist 's legs was not well recieved, police report were duly made and the Council President responded with an honest remark of which he believed should be accepted a it would had centuries ago.

Sunday, 12 November 2006

The Mongolian Model .er... graduate

Turned out that Ms Altantuya is a graduate teacher, speaks 4 languages, own her own business and a frequent traveller. That model bit is only part time, wouldn't be suprise if later it will be revealed that she is a Mongol Princess. Even Daddy is a PHD holder and currently attached with one of the University in Mongolia. So this is actually not your ordinary kampung folks as originally thought.
The NST is the only paper which did not actually name the analyst and termed the girl as "missing" and not murder. at least that's what Dr Saariibuu would like it to be until the DNA test. Methink this is only delaying and prolonging the forthcoming grieves.
And no charges is being made yet, just extension of remands, DNA tests, hospital visit for personal's ailments. So this actually meant that a very long time is given for the defense team to prepare themselves, just like a prolonged injury time in football.
The Star published a transcript of the interview with the Mongols, many questions were asked but no reporters dare to ask whether the "missing Mongolian Miss" is a muslim or not.

Friday, 10 November 2006

Anfield 02/06

Nice one from the Kop, the win at Birmingham is now the fifth in a row. But we lost Sisoko and the next match would be the showdown at the Emirates. Unfortunately Liverpool seldom do well in the Capital City and Arsenal has started winning again.

Rafa should start with Fowler, the striker who had the habit of scoring against the Gunners or at least that's what he did in the 90's. A draw would be good.

The Nation 01/06

Might as well comment abit about cuurrent affair in the Country.

The Mongolian Model affair
Baginda is still in remand, the Mongolians is in KL already; 3 cops + 2 more person is still with the Police; the baby might not be a Malaysian after all. And today I learned that they spell Ghenghis Khan as "Chinggis Khan" in Ulanbaataar.

The Perak SMS
Datuk Azhar have not yet explicitly declared his real religion status at the moment.

Tun is still in IJN, having "mild" heart problem. Even Abdullah visited him.

Idaman Palace
Turn out that DZ is quite close with AB

That's it, the four top stories still dominating the pages while the CI climb upwards.

17 Hours trip to the Longhouse

Have to go back to the Longhouse as part of the requirements to satisfy the ritual.

3.50 am - Alarm bells ringing, wake up and starts packing
4.35 am - Left Heng Guan to start journey to Debak
5.00 am - Left Siol Kandis after picking Mendong

Marvin still sleeping, Marthilda nodding alone at the back row of the Unser.
This is actually a trial run for the trip to Miri next month.
We meet the sunrise just after passing Serian.

7.25 - Simpang Simanggang, stop for R & R
8.05 - Left the stopover, everybody wide awake now.
10.00 - Reach Ng Pek.

Met Morris on his way to collect latex; talked to the rest of the folks, clean the room, check the fridge, video the kids playing with dog and finally it's lunch time.

3.00 pm - Left Ng Pek and stopping over at Ng Tot and Menyalin Asal.
5.20 pm - Stop for a quikie at Lachau
6.00 pm left Lachau
8.45 pm - Reached Siol Kandis and dropped Mendong off.
9.15 pm - Back home from where we started this morning, Heng Guan.

The trip was ok and mission accomplished, evevrybody and busybody should be happy.

Thursday, 2 November 2006

Things back to normal at Anfield

Garcia scored 2 goals and Gerrard finally starts his account for a 3-0 win over Bordeaux in the Champion League. Before that last saturday the Kops ended Villa unbeaten run in the league and last week they started their League cup campaign by beating Reading.

So it was 3 wins in the last 3 games in 3 different competitions. Critics are silent at the moment but we cannot avoid the fact that the last 3 victories were all at homeground. These guys have yet to show anything worthy on their trip.

Looks like this season target still remain the same - to get that 4th place to ensure the place in next season's CL. Forget the League, Chelsea will record a hattrick of league titles and this season might be their turn to appear the the CL final, probably winning it too. Like the rest the most Liverpool can hope for is to snatch one of the 2 domestic cups, maybe w ego for thye League Cup this season, but first that small matter of a visit to the midlands.

Wednesday, 1 November 2006

Marthilda & Marvin

It's Marthilda 's birthday. Chocolate birthday's cake, KFC & homemade drumstick soup for a family only celebration. She loves sponge cakes, love cats, love plants, favourite TV show - animal planet. Gentle hearted girl. Marvin just like to blow the candles.

Sunday, 22 October 2006

Sarikin's flea market

Last time we went there was on 30th April 2006, I bought a cheap shoe on that day. Proved to be useful, think I might be bringing the family there again next month.

Here's roughly how the border town look like, mostly selling thrinkets, junks etc. Best buys would be the batik sarong, cos' the Indons are supposely to be expert in that industry. Other than that just get the sackloads of tidbits eg banana chips, tapioca chips good for sourvenir back in town, unless you prefer turtle eggs, plenty of that contraband here.

A Blog is born !!

Precisely at 16:00 hours Sarawak times on the auspicious day of 22 October 2006, I hereby created this blog !

Been long overdue, but better late than never. This blog is for me to records my thoughs .... incase I might need them later.

So, what did I do today -

Morning - Attend Church service at St Paul, Siol Kandis. Met Lipin Not and handed over RM60.00 to him for the plot of land where they buried Apak last Sunday. Talk about that later, few issues there.

The rest of the afternoon I spend infront of my PC, struggling with my overdue Math assignment, so far so good, but if Joyce help me tomorrow as promised, then I can concentrate on my Econs.

This evening, got to buy Satay for my belated birthday, and hopefully after that will be in Old Trafford (via cyberspace) to cheer up Gerrard and his red team trying their best to beat MU. Slim chance though, but you never know.