Monday, 13 November 2006

The Nation 02/06

The Mongolian Model Affair
No arrest yet just remands. To me the Mongolian Honorary Consul that Datuk Chinggis Khan is merely doing his job when he sound so defensive regarding the missing mongolian miss. But currently he is no more dishing out the meaty info, maybe somebody asked him to zip up the flytrap.

The Perak SMS
This time it's the Perlis's CM who made the announcement that Datuk Azhar is still a muslim.

As usual the wily old man found a way to solve the Nation's dilemma, be sick and so no need to attend the UMNO's General Assembly. What a relieve, many people sleep better these few nights.

Idaman's Palace
Another one of these Klang's councillors with big newly constructed mansions hit the headlines, this time striking one of the reporters/photographers thus ensuring that the readers get introduced to another MPK councillors. I'll get the name later.

Not to be outdone the Penang Municipal Council finally succeded in getting their procedings be mentioned in the press. As the attention shift Northward, it was later revealed that the Council's admiration with the jounalist 's legs was not well recieved, police report were duly made and the Council President responded with an honest remark of which he believed should be accepted a it would had centuries ago.