Friday, 10 November 2006

The Nation 01/06

Might as well comment abit about cuurrent affair in the Country.

The Mongolian Model affair
Baginda is still in remand, the Mongolians is in KL already; 3 cops + 2 more person is still with the Police; the baby might not be a Malaysian after all. And today I learned that they spell Ghenghis Khan as "Chinggis Khan" in Ulanbaataar.

The Perak SMS
Datuk Azhar have not yet explicitly declared his real religion status at the moment.

Tun is still in IJN, having "mild" heart problem. Even Abdullah visited him.

Idaman Palace
Turn out that DZ is quite close with AB

That's it, the four top stories still dominating the pages while the CI climb upwards.

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