Tuesday, 14 November 2006

The Nation 03/06

The Mongolian Model Affair
This missing model Altantunya is not the only Mongolian Altantuya in the modeling circuit. Currently another Altatunya known as Toya is busy modeling in the fashion capital of Paris. A self proclaimed ex-Mongolian model now running a successful modeling agency in Ulanbatar said that she never heard of the former.

Perak SMS
The woman who started the “Baptism” SMS was named. She was a former graduate of UIA and attended the world renown Islamic University in Cairo. Used to be a Christian she is given 48 hours to surface or else her face will be published in all local papers.

It will be peace and quite now that then Doctor is not well and will be missing the UMNO ‘s General Assembly.

Idaman’s Palace
Not to be outdone, it has been announced that the new Astana Negara will be built, costing only RM400 millions it will be completed in 2009.

Upskirt up North
Pressure on the Council Chairman, alleged sexy journalist released picture of herself in papers showing a plain young girl wearing a plain dress. Opposition parties, NGOs are all behind her, there’s even short picket.

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