Friday, 10 November 2006

17 Hours trip to the Longhouse

Have to go back to the Longhouse as part of the requirements to satisfy the ritual.

3.50 am - Alarm bells ringing, wake up and starts packing
4.35 am - Left Heng Guan to start journey to Debak
5.00 am - Left Siol Kandis after picking Mendong

Marvin still sleeping, Marthilda nodding alone at the back row of the Unser.
This is actually a trial run for the trip to Miri next month.
We meet the sunrise just after passing Serian.

7.25 - Simpang Simanggang, stop for R & R
8.05 - Left the stopover, everybody wide awake now.
10.00 - Reach Ng Pek.

Met Morris on his way to collect latex; talked to the rest of the folks, clean the room, check the fridge, video the kids playing with dog and finally it's lunch time.

3.00 pm - Left Ng Pek and stopping over at Ng Tot and Menyalin Asal.
5.20 pm - Stop for a quikie at Lachau
6.00 pm left Lachau
8.45 pm - Reached Siol Kandis and dropped Mendong off.
9.15 pm - Back home from where we started this morning, Heng Guan.

The trip was ok and mission accomplished, evevrybody and busybody should be happy.

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