Sunday, 12 November 2006

The Mongolian Model .er... graduate

Turned out that Ms Altantuya is a graduate teacher, speaks 4 languages, own her own business and a frequent traveller. That model bit is only part time, wouldn't be suprise if later it will be revealed that she is a Mongol Princess. Even Daddy is a PHD holder and currently attached with one of the University in Mongolia. So this is actually not your ordinary kampung folks as originally thought.
The NST is the only paper which did not actually name the analyst and termed the girl as "missing" and not murder. at least that's what Dr Saariibuu would like it to be until the DNA test. Methink this is only delaying and prolonging the forthcoming grieves.
And no charges is being made yet, just extension of remands, DNA tests, hospital visit for personal's ailments. So this actually meant that a very long time is given for the defense team to prepare themselves, just like a prolonged injury time in football.
The Star published a transcript of the interview with the Mongols, many questions were asked but no reporters dare to ask whether the "missing Mongolian Miss" is a muslim or not.

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